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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturay - 8 Am to 5 Pm

Affiliated to CISCE

New Delhi (Home Centre for ICSE & ISC)

Co-Curricular Activities


The student are housed into four groups to inculcate healthy competetive attitude among them. Each house is headed by a captain and a vice captain who take constant guidance from house Masters/Mistress. Inter-house competitions are organized in various cultural, sports & games and co-curricular activitiers. It helps a child to develop team spirit, brother-hood, dedication to his/her team which help to make them united.



We aspire to import holistic education to our children. Keeping this objective in our mind we have extended the opportunity of learning subject to each child's personal interest. Childrens are exposed to various disciplines of Art, Drawing, music, Dance, Yoga, Drama, Elocution, Nature study and quiz which help them to realize their own inclination to a particular aspect of art and shape his/her expression.


Today the advancement of modern technology the world gets more connected. Hence it becomes imperative to achieve multi-cultural integrated knowledge with traditional learning. We offer a curriculum that is global and create international Indians who can make a difference to their country and the world as well. Nurturing creative talents through self learning and independent thinking. In HSMS our prime object is to encouraging and developing their mental and physical health. To meet the challenge of the feature it is important to learn beyond the books. In HSMS we intend to provide a platform for your child that will equip his/her to be a model citizen of tomorrow world.


Sports & Games

Sports & Games is an intregal part of ICSE curriculum. HSMS offer ample scope for sports & games. The student take part in a wide variety of sports for enjoyment, relaxation and physical development. Beside weekly P.T. class, tournaments competition on house basis are held. The student get opportunity to show their talents.