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The importance of student-teacher relationship

The relationship shared by a student with their teacher can be deemed as being a fundamental aspect of their education process. It goes so much beyond the conventional roles of receiving instructions and imparting knowledge. It plays such a pivotal role when it comes to shaping the academic success of a student along with their personal development and overall well-being as such. In fact, fostering a strong relationship between students and teachers is critically beneficial for educators as well!


Education is key for change

The world is evolving and rapidly so, and in such in a setting the power of education to make a positive change cannot be denied at all. It is the basis on which the edifice of a society is erected and progress happens. This is what fosters understanding, transformation, and innovation among people. There are so many ways in which educations holds the potential to drive meaningful changes in society at large.


Rules to a happy student life

Being a student can be described as a unique phase of life that is full of opportunities for you to grow, learn, and discover yourself. However, it is not as if this part of your life is not without its challenges, and they can, at times, feel overwhelming, to be honest. However, if you adopt certain practices and rules it can pave the way for your happiness, consequentiallyhelping you experience a fulfilling life as a student. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow for a successful and joyous life as a student. mode.


Exam Preparation: Tips And Tricks

Preparing for an examination can be hectic and stressful when there is a lot to study but a limited time. While many students have an accurate study plan, many study less and stress more about the result. mode.


Benefits of online learning v/s offline learning

Due to the recent pandemic, many educational institutions were forced to shift to the online. mode.


Strategies for tackling homework

Do you feel overwhelmed in managing all your homework deadlines for so many different subjects? Doing all your homework on time along with managing your studies can be a tough job.


How to choose the right co-curricular activity for your child?

Co-curricular activities are as important as academics for a child's wholesome development, especially in the earlier stages.


Handling anxieties during the school year

The school year is full of challenges and obstacles and anxiety is a common problem for most students.


Remembering 10 Women Who Changed History

When it comes to Indian history, several powerful and influential women have successfully made their mark.


5 Books That Every Child Needs To Read

In a world where video games and screens are replacing ...........


How To Improve Communication Skills As a Student ?

How To Improve Communication Skills As a Student


Importance Of Time Management

Managing time in students' lives is as important as studying. It comes with lots of benefits and helps nurture the childhood of a student. Here are some of the benefits and importance of time management in students' lives and in general.


10 ways of keeping a positive attitude

While it's simple to fall into a loop based on your negative experience, it can be just a simple way to redirect your mind and rather concentrate on positive experiences.



Discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, (Nobel Prize Winner)


Taj Mahal : The Wonder Of India

We all know the Taj Mahal to be an "epitome of love." But do you know some of the hidden mysteries behind this monument?


Kisan Diwas : 23rd December

Kisan Diwas or Farmer’s Day is celebrated in India on 23rd December every year to honor the contribution and hard work of the farmers towards the development and prosperity of our nation.


Vijay Diwas : 16th December

India and Bangladesh are going to celebrate their 50 years of diplomatic ties on 16th December, 2021, which is celebrated every year as Vijay Diwas to commemorate the martyrs of the war.


Ways to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Air, water and soil happens to be an integral part of our natural environment. Although immense concern over the ages has been on water and air pollution, controlling and preventing soil pollution is equally important as the other two.


Why Is Personality Development Crucial To A Student’s Life?

The personality of your child does not just determine his/her future success but also the attitude towards life.


Shakuntala Devi: Human Computer

Shakuntala Devi, also known as the human-computer, was hailed from a Hindu Brahmin family within Bangalore. She was born on 1929 November 4th


Interesting Facts About Oxygen

You might not be aware of it, however, oxygen is present all around us. It is one of the reasons why you are still alive on this planet. Let's find out more about it


The Benefits Of Dictionary In Student Life

A Dictionary is described as an inventory of words or articles that confer with a selected subject. It does so by listing these words in alphabetical order within the type of headwords, the words listed as entries within the dictionary.


Protect Our Natural Resources For Future Generation

We city-dwellers are so obsessed with modern skyscrapers and metros that we often forget how significant nature is to us for our survival and existence. We often forget how crucial ecosystems


10 Mantras That Can Make You More Powerful

When it comes to becoming powerful in life, certain mantras can act as the key hacks to build a better life. This article focuses on 10 mantras that can make you more powerful.


Importance Of Books in a Student’s Life

Books are a treasure trove of benefits for students. And, this is perhaps the reason why they continue to command primacy in a student’s life even in the age of the internet.


Education Is the Key To Success

Education signifies a method of presenting skills, experience, excellence in a precise setting, and later assessing students’ understanding to monitor their advancement.


Preserve School Memories

Years after passing out from school, when you take a look at the scrapbook, time takes you on the memory lane you left long back. That's something special about preserving school memories.


Learning vs. Education: The Difference

Education happens to be one strategy for learning, among countless others. It’s ordinarily a planned approach detailed, planned, and managed by people other than ourselves.


5 Ways Students Can Benefit From Social Media

As nearly everyone owns a smartphone today, it becomes more comfortable for students to use social networking portals. Everyone can create at least one account in the popular social media platforms.