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In Classroom Method

Digital Classroom

Upgraded learning systems and New age technology is the need of the hour. Our professionals are turning classrooms into online rooms that boost the learning method by including more functions. Online education equipped with sufficient infrastructure supports the transformation of regular classrooms efficiently and productively. Instructors will feel the power within their hands to highlight more illustrations, more content and more examples.

It will encourage learners to experience and acquire more knowledge from related concepts. Combining technology within the classroom and applying the amazing, maybe even remarkable, number of resources accessible on the internet is exceptionally troublesome for educators. The purpose of this method will incorporate all the steps involved in creating an online classroom, from analysis to evaluation, to expedite the teacher’s job.



As per the verdicts of scientific analysis, the adoption of Abacus throughout the first or developmental years improves the application of both the left and right brains. Constant usage of Abacus is hence believed to develop - retention and recall memory, Numerical efficiency Concentration, time management and computing skills Visualization. Now, Abacus has been extensively adopted in our school; being an external means included to improve the efficiency and pace of arithmetic calculations.

Researches have revealed that Abacus not just increases the knowledge of children in doing mathematical computations but also strengthens the entire cognitive experiences. Through this method, we are giving a platform for schools to facilitate abacus education (with the help of online and offline models) that can encourage the brain growth of students accompanied with the acknowledged mathematical talents.

Playgroup Children

Kids start to examine the environment around them the moment they are born. Our playgroup curriculum allows children to renew their search. Early events during the initial years of life happen to be critical when it comes to the addition of skills while maximum brain development occurs throughout this time. Our objective of this program highlights training parents to assist them in fostering their child’s progress by reading and studying child development in a scientific method. This curriculum will foster aesthetic, social, and motor experiences in young kids. This program assists infants and toddlers in developing their mother tongue and maths skills through various methods.