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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturay - 8 Am to 5 Pm

Affiliated to CISCE

New Delhi (Home Centre for ICSE & ISC)

Principal's Desk

Ms Rupa Sen Choudhury (M.A , B.Ed)
Principal's Message

Life is a journey towards being the better version of ourselves everyday. School is a small but vital part of this journey, as these growing years shape the basic character of a young child. Here at H.S Memorial we believe that education is the key to the development of these young minds, who will one day lead the nation. Let us all work together to nurture these young minds, teach them our ethics-to be impartial and to be altruistic. Here we help them develop the power and joy of learning and teach them to apply what they learn to their real lives. Let us teach them to be true to themselves and to this nation, to be kind and accountable. We must make sure that all our pupils are literate and numerate enough to make their own space in this world because only after these goals are fully achieved can the education and growth of them to be better human beings. That is the ultimate motto of life. So without further ado, let’s embark upon this journey to make a better future for all.